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To avoid an HVAC break down in the middle of a scorching summer or frigid winter, it is important to keep your A/C unit in tip top shape. Maintenance and repairs are essential for keeping your unit running efficiently.


Annual maintenance is vital for keeping every heating and cooling system running efficiently. Every system installed by Honest Guys Heating & Cooling benefits from a maintenance contract, which helps consumers keep track of ongoing service. When a unit reaches the end of its first year, a technician should clean and check the system before it is used for an upcoming cooling season.

Older equipment also benefits from regular maintenance. Not only will a dirty system run less efficiently and cost more to use but also it may malfunction.

A standard maintenance schedule involves a spring tune-up before cooling and a fall tune-up before heating. Tune-ups are inexpensive, and they help keep more costly problems from occurring. Checking heat pumps is important in the spring and the fall because they operate during both seasons.


A home’s heating and cooling system is essential for overall comfort and safety. When a breakdown occurs, a dispatcher takes the repair call, schedules a repair, and assigns a technician to perform the work.

Our service department has a fleet of radio-dispatched trucks. Trained, certified technicians that performs repairs, ensuring that the work is performed quickly and correctly. Flat rate pricing provides customers with up-front and honest pricing without any hidden charges.

Emergency service is also available for air conditioners, gas furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, heat pumps, zone control systems, and programmable thermostats.

Whatever the heating or cooling issues, our friendly and competent service technicians will solve the problem. Fill out our online form for service today.

HVAC, the all-in-one system that provides heating, ventilating, and air conditioning simplifies things for residents, but makes maintenance a challenge. Honest Guys has the experience to keep even the most complex HVAC systems running smoothly.

Replacement of Piping

Since the same piping delivers chilled and hot water depending on the season, these pipes are used 24/7. Due to this continuous usage, it is not unusual for HVAC distribution piping to break down and need replacement well before a similar problem on a steam system would even be noticed. Additionally, HVAC lines can fall victim to the corrosion caused by condensation that accumulates on the outside of the piping in the summer months as chilled water circulates through.

Leaks at Piping and Valves

HVAC water-distribution piping is subject to the same damage-causing leaks that can befall steam heating systems. Our troubleshooters are expert at quickly determining the exact location and nature of a leak so that damage to the surrounding area can be minimized.

Condensate Buildup and Backups in Drain Lines

A/C condensate drains pick up condensation that forms on A/C coils as moist air passes through and is pulled down. The problem occurs in the drain lines because there is no scouring action. (Scouring action helps clean plumbing waste lines because large volumes of water are used and the lines are constantly flushed.) However, in this case, the water slowly drips down the piping and as a result scale and rust buildup accumulates more rapidly. As corrosion builds up in these lines, condensate backups may occur and can cause extreme damage to floor areas within apartments.

Duct Cleaning

Since most sewer cleaning equipment is made for larger pipes and not the small diameter pipe used on HVAC lines, clearing them of corrosion can be quite problematic. Honest Guys Heating and Cooling is one of the only companies in south suburb of IL with the personnel, equipment (including cameras to spot problem areas within the system) and technology necessary to clean ventilation ducts.

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