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  • Up to 20 SEER

  • Infinity Control Operation

  • Silencer System – as low as 70db

  • 2-Stages of cooling

  • WeatherArmor Ultra™ System

  • Superior humidity control

  • Environmentally Sound Puron Refrigerant

  • Superior humidity control

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified – Meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency***

  • Platinum Series 18-20 Seer; Gold Series 17 Seer; and Silver Series 13-16 Seer


The best way to see that your AC system rarely runs into repair issues is to arrange for an annual check–up. Our professionals will come to your home each spring to inspect and tune–up the air conditioner so that it’s prepared for the trials of a Texas summer. This will not only keep away repair troubles, it will see that the AC has a long lifespan without losing energy efficiency.

Nothing can prevent all malfunctions, however. When you do need repairs done for your air conditioner, we have service available to you 24/7. Make us your first call for restoring your cooling.

SEER and savings.

When comparing air conditioners, pay close attention to the SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It's a measure of how efficiently an air conditioner cools your home in the summer. Similar to miles per gallon in a car, the higher the SEER, the less energy you'll use to stay comfortable.


When an air conditioner comes to the end of its life-cycle, or you move into a new home that doesn’t have a cooling system yet, you should call HVAC professionals to get started with finding a new AC. Our technicians will see the process through from beginning to end, starting off with picking the right type of system and sizing it so that it meets your cooling requirements while also conserving energy. You can trust that our NATE–certified and experienced technicians will have the unit in place in no time at all so your family can get back to enjoying comfortable days during hot weather.


You’re probably accustomed to thinking about how to protect your valuable home appliances from the damage of a spike in voltage through the house (a power surge). Computers, monitors, and other precision devices need surge protection. But you may not have realized that your air conditioning system also falls into the category of a precision device that can receive damage from a voltage spike. Does your home’s AC have the surge protection it needs? We’ll be glad to help you with an air conditioning unit surge protector that will keep the system safe from small surges (such as from a short circuit) and large ones (a lightning strike or downed power line).

We offer many different types of AC services at Honest Guys.. Below are some that we provide to homes in the Chicagoland south surburbs and the surrounding areas:


Simple window air conditioning units may be fine for a small apartment, but they won’t do the job for a house. It takes a powerful central air conditioning system to efficiently and effectively distribute cooled air to the rooms. If you need a new central air conditioner or you want to replace the one you currently have, call us to schedule it.


A complex network of ducts is no longer a requirement for cooling a home. For houses that don’t have the space for ducts, or for new building projects, going with a ductless mini split is an excellent way to provide quality cooling without the hassles of ducts. We install and service ductless air conditioning systems.


If you’re interested in installing a heat pump for your home, but are concerned that it may not be able to take on the cold weather, you can opt for a dual fuel system. This is a type of heat pump that has a back–up heater (such as propane or natural gas furnace) that will kick in whenever the heat pump starts to fall behind with its heating job.


You can enjoy air conditioning and heating with a single unit thanks to a heat pump. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioner that can change the direction that it moves heat, switching from moving heat out of a house to moving it into a house. Call us to find out more about our many heat pump services.


Businesses often use packaged HVAC units, which contain all the components needed for comfort inside a single outdoor cabinet, rather than two cabinets, one indoors and one outdoors. A number of homes can also benefit from this type of comfort configuration, and our team of AC installers can help you find out if this is a good option for you.


If you have a malfunctioning or out–of–date thermostat running your air conditioner, it won’t matter how powerful the AC is: you won’t receive decent cooling and end up wasting energy. Let our thermostat experts assist you with either repairing or upgrading your current climate controls so you receive the finest in energy savings and comfort.


Why cool down your entire house each time the AC turns on? This is wasteful, but you may not think there’s any other way to enjoy central cooling. However, a zone control system gives you the power to shut off cooling to empty rooms. Let our professionals tell you more about how we can install zone control for your HVAC system.

*** Not all units are Energy Star. Ask for your salesman for details. Air Conditioners must be matched with a new indoor unit to qualify for rebates.

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