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“Setting the Highest Standards in the Industry”

This company is not only a business, it is a ministry. It is set on standards that are higher than man’s own. Our goal is to run this company in a way most pleasing to the Lord. Treating employees and customers as we would want to be treated along with running a business as if we are all part of one big family is our plan.

We are committed to keeping our goal of “Setting the Highest Standards in the Industry” in three ways:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality of Work

  • Treatment of Employees           

Give us a call to experience these high standards personally!  Read about the people behind our success


Mission Statement:

Offer the highest quality HVAC products and services at a fair price, striving everyday to do whats best for our customers, ALWAYS putting their best interest first, even before our own.

Because we care:

  • We train our HVAC Technicians in our facility and our manufacturer’s facility. They also receive online training to keep up on new products.

  • We offer 365/24/7 emergency heating and cooling service, and there is no extra charge for emergency service.

  • We either call, or send customers an email reminder or via text message the day before your service call

  • A designated installation manager personally inspects your project following your new equipment installation, to guarantee the highest level of quality.

  • Our staff is drug tested, background checked and experienced.

  • Our technicians keep all working environments clean by wearing shoe covers and drop cloths, and cleaning up after a project is complete.

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