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Here at Honest Guys Heating & Cooling (HGHC), we believe in giving back to the community. Because many of our employees live in or near your town, we like to think of you not only as our customer but also as our neighbor. Through donations, fundraisers, and other programs, we at Honest Guys Heating & Cooling make it our mission to be an outstanding member of the local business community through our generosity. We would like you, our valued customer, to know that when you do business with Honest Guys Heating & Cooling, you also support your local community. Thank you! Together, we can make our community a better place.

Click on the links below to read how we have impacted the community.

Wise Words

"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give."

- Winston Churhill

River City Church Rally Day is a local block party full of things for the whole family. As it is run by River City Church to give back to the community, the rally relies on local vendors and community members for it to run each year. Honest Guys is proud to be one such vendor, and enjoys the knowledge that River City Church creates memories for its community members.

                           All of Us & You Youth Center have been providing                                        communities with a program of leadership training,                                     character development, and personal fitness for our                                      Youth, as well as preparing young millennials to become the future of our country. By donating to All of Us & You Youth Center in their Annual Leadership Conference, Honest Guys will make sure that this valuable program will continue to shape our millennials into valued members of our community.

                            Honest Guys is proudly to connect with Kingdom                                         Minded Women, these are women who have been Born                             again who want to gain a closer walk with God and take their leadership role in the kingdom. Developing a kingdom mentality and a purpose to do God’s will. Honest Guys stands behind them 100% in helping within their fundraising in and for the community.

                                 There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to                                              describe the significance of giving back. Even the                                        most simple acts of benevolence — the ones we think

                                 of as “random acts of kindness” or “no big deal”

— are actually incredibly important. Honest Guys supports and volunteers in all shapes and forms, helping to strengthen our communities, this brings people together and provides us with valuable experience and insight. And selfishly, when we give time and energy to others, It just feels better.

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